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Kavana's Mission

 Bring your hormones into harmony. 

Kavana is the Biblical Hebrew word for ‘intention’. At Kavana, we seek to imbue the daily, repetitive routine of self-care, with intention, in order to elevate it into a creative and meaningful ritual.

Kavana invites women to mindfully choose safe, non-toxic skincare and therapeutic perfume to sync their selfcare with their changing hormonal cycles, or as Kavana founder Maya G. calls it: 'Skincycling' and 'Scentcycling'. 

As a professional makeup artist and skincare specialist in the luxury space for the last 20 years, Maya suffered from horrible PMS symptoms, exacerbated by toxins she was surrounded by at work. Looking for alternative solutions, she could only find products at the health food stores but they didn't work as well as the luxury brands she was used to working with.

She set out to create a line of selfcare, that would support her cycle, and give the same, if not better results as her favourite  brands, minus the toxins.

Kavana’s minimally packaged products are formulated with safe, non-toxic, high quality and high performance ingredients. They offer women and girls a safe option with which to sync their self-care to their cycles, and care for themselves, while caring for our planet.

Kavana is committed to 'greening' as it grows and minimizing our carbon footprint.

Ingredients: Our safe, non-toxic ingredients are carefully sourced, wildcrafted, local, fairtrade and organic, whenever possible. We are completely transparent about everything in our products and list all ingredients in our products on every product page. Not sure what an ingredient is? Read our 'Know More' section, on each product page.

Packaging: Our minimalist skincare ethos, is echoed in our minimalist and elegant packaging.

Reduce: We use only what we need: our products have no boxes, no 'unboxing' bells and whistles. The focus is truly on what's inside. Peel up labels reveal the French directions and ingredients for Franco-Canadians. 

Reuse: We are currently accepting empties and offering 10% off on refills in the Toronto area, and intend to create a more robust refill program rollout soon. Stay tuned, and hold onto your empties!

Recycle: We intentionally source and choose to use biodegradable, compostable, reusable and recyclable materials for our packaging as much as possible: Glass, PLA (plant based bioplastics), cardboard and aluminum, cotton and paper bags, and as little plastic as possible. 

GIVE BACK: We actively support local, women run farms, environmental programs and organizations and a portion of all our sales are intentionally donated to these.

EDUCATE: Learn how to harmonize your hormones with Kavana! Sync your self-care to your cycles via 'Skin Cycling' and 'Scent Cycling' , explained on the Kavana Blog.

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